Upper Mustang Trek

Trip Duration
14 Days
Trip Grade
Plane, Public/Private Vehicle
Max. Altitude
Full board (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) included
Lodge and Tea House Accommodation
Spring (Mar to May), Autumn (Sept to Nov)

Trip overview

Embark on a captivating journey to the mystical Upper Mustang region! Situated in the remote corners of Nepal, Upper Mustang offers a unique and culturally rich tour that unveils the hidden treasures of the Himalayas.

Our Upper Mustang tour is a remarkable exploration for adventurers seeking to discover the ancient Tibetan culture and breathtaking landscapes. Traverse through windswept valleys, arid landscapes, and dramatic cliffs, all while immersing yourself in the local way of life that has remained untouched for centuries.

As you venture through the region, you’ll encounter ancient monasteries, intricate caves, and historic settlements that tell tales of a bygone era. Our guided tours provide insightful commentary, ensuring you gain a deep understanding of the cultural significance and historical importance of each site.

Led by experienced guides, your safety and comfort are paramount. We prioritize providing an enriching experience while maintaining respect for the environment and local traditions. Our Upper Mustang tours offer a blend of adventure, cultural exploration, and natural beauty, making it an exceptional opportunity for travelers with a penchant for unique experiences.

Whether you’re captivated by history, intrigued by untouched landscapes, or eager to connect with a rich cultural heritage, our Upper Mustang tour promises an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Nepal’s cultural and natural splendor. Join us to unravel the mysteries of Upper Mustang and create memories that will resonate for a lifetime.


Your journey begins in the bustling city of Kathmandu, where you'll be welcomed by our team. After settling into a comfortable hotel, you'll meet your tour guide and fellow travelers for an informative trip briefing. It's a chance to prepare for the adventure ahead and to rest after your travels.

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Kathmandu Valley. Explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Swayambhunath, also known as the Monkey Temple, and Kathmandu Durbar Square, where centuries of history and architecture come to life. It's a day filled with cultural discoveries and architectural wonders.

A short and scenic flight transports you to Pokhara, a city nestled beside a tranquil lake and surrounded by the majestic Annapurna and Machapuchare mountains. You'll have leisure time to relax by Phewa Lake, soaking in the awe-inspiring views. Your accommodation, a comfortable lakeside hotel, provides the perfect setting for relaxation.

Embark on an early morning flight to Jomsom, the gateway to the mystical Upper Mustang region. Your trek begins as you head towards Kagbeni, a charming village at the threshold of Upper Mustang. The trek introduces you to the unique landscapes and local culture, and you'll spend the night in a comfortable lodge in Kagbeni.

Continuing your journey into Upper Mustang, the trail leads you to Chele, where you'll experience arid terrains and encounter local villages. The panoramic views of Nilgiri and the surrounding landscapes are awe-inspiring. A comfortable lodge in Chele awaits you for a peaceful night's rest.

The adventure takes you higher as you trek to Syanboche, ascending through high desert landscapes. Along the way, you'll discover ancient monasteries and mystical caves, each telling a tale of the region's history and spirituality. Your night in a comfortable lodge in Syanboche offers a serene ambiance.

Today, the journey takes you to Ghami, guiding you over the Tsarang La Pass and through the village of Tsarang. You'll have the opportunity to visit the historic Tsarang Gompa and immerse yourself in the local way of life. The comfort of a lodge in Ghami is a welcome respite at the end of the day.

A significant highlight awaits as you trek to Lo Manthang, the walled city of Upper Mustang. Here, you'll explore ancient monasteries, royal palaces, and the vibrant Tibetan culture that defines this unique place. The comfort of a lodge in Lo Manthang provides the perfect base for your cultural explorations.

Spend a full day diving deeper into the cultural treasures of Lo Manthang. Visit the royal palace, historic monasteries, and engage with the welcoming local community. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of culture and history that surrounds you. You'll rest comfortably in your lodge in Lo Manthang.

Embark on your return journey, trekking to Drakmar. Along the way, you'll admire striking landscapes and unique geological formations. A comfortable lodge in Drakmar offers a peaceful retreat after a day of exploration.

Continue your trek towards Ghiling, retracing your steps through the scenic trails. Take in the serene surroundings and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. Spend the night in a comfortable lodge in Ghiling.

Today's trek leads you to Chhuksang, with a gradual descent through picturesque terrain. Explore the village and relax in a comfortable lodge, surrounded by the beauty of the region.

Conclude your trek as you return to Jomsom, the endpoint of your Upper Mustang adventure. Reflect on your journey and celebrate your achievements with fellow trekkers. Enjoy a comfortable lodge stay in Jomsom.

A morning flight takes you to Pokhara and then to Kathmandu, where you'll spend your final evening in Nepal's capital. It's a time to reminisce about your incredible journey and rest comfortably in a hotel in Kathmandu before your departure the next day.


  • Airport Transfers: Airport pickup and drop-off in Kathmandu as part of the package.
  • Accommodation: Comfortable accommodation in hotels in Kathmandu and Pokhara, as well as lodge/teahouse stays during the trek in Upper Mustang.
  • Meals: Full-board meals during the trek (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) as well as some meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
  • Trekking Permits: Necessary trekking permits, including the Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit and Annapurna Conservation Area Permit.
  • Transportation: Domestic flights to and from Jomsom, ground transportation to trekking starting and ending points, and transfers between airports and hotels.
  • Experienced Guide: The services of an experienced and licensed trekking guide who is knowledgeable about the region.
  • Porters: Porter services to carry luggage during the trek. Typically, one porter is assigned to two trekkers, with weight limits.
  • Sightseeing: Guided sightseeing tours in Kathmandu and Pokhara, including entrance fees to cultural sites and monuments.
  • Trekking Gear: Basic trekking equipment like sleeping bags and duffel bags, if included in the package.
  • Safety and First Aid: Basic first-aid supplies and emergency evacuation arrangements.

Not Included

  • International Flights: The cost of international flights to and from Nepal is usually not included in the package.
  • Travel Insurance: Personal travel insurance covering health, emergency evacuation, and trip cancellation is typically not included but is highly recommended.
  • Visa Fees: The cost of obtaining a tourist visa for Nepal upon arrival at the airport is not included.
  • Meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara: While some meals are included, additional meals, snacks, and beverages in Kathmandu and Pokhara are typically at your own expense.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses for items like personal trekking gear, souvenirs, laundry, and extra services not specified in the itinerary.
  • Tips and Gratuities: Tips for guides, porters, and staff are not included but are customary and appreciated.
  • Optional Activities: Costs associated with optional activities or side trips that are not part of the main itinerary.
  • Emergency Expenses: Any expenses incurred due to unforeseen circumstances, such as bad weather or medical emergencies.
  • Additional Permits: Any permits or fees required for specific side trips or activities beyond the main trekking itinerary.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: The cost of alcoholic beverages and bottled water during the trek.


  • 1. What is the best time to visit Upper Mustang?

    The best time for an Upper Mustang tour is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is pleasant, and the skies are clear. These months offer excellent trekking conditions and the chance to witness vibrant landscapes.

  • 2. Are permits required for Upper Mustang?

    Yes, Upper Mustang is a restricted area in Nepal, and special permits are required. Travelers need an Upper Mustang Restricted Area Permit, Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP), and TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management System) card. These permits are typically arranged by your tour operator.

  • 3. How challenging is the trek in Upper Mustang?

    The trek is considered moderate in terms of difficulty. While it doesn't involve extreme altitudes, it is essential to be physically fit and prepared for trekking at high elevations. Proper acclimatization is crucial to prevent altitude sickness.

  • 4. What should I pack for the trek?

    You'll need to pack warm clothing, as temperatures can drop significantly, even in the warmer seasons. Comfortable trekking boots, a good-quality backpack, rain gear, and personal essentials should also be included. Your tour operator can provide a detailed packing list.

  • 5. Are there ATM facilities along the trekking route?

    ATM facilities are limited in the Upper Mustang region, and it's advisable to carry enough Nepali rupees in cash for your expenses. It's also a good idea to inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid any issues with card usage.

  • 6. Is it necessary to hire a guide and porter?

    While it's not mandatory to hire a guide and porter, it is highly recommended, especially if you're not an experienced trekker. Local guides are familiar with the terrain, culture, and can ensure your safety. Porters can carry your heavy bags, making the trek more manageable.

  • 8. How is the accommodation during the trek?

    Accommodation in Upper Mustang typically consists of teahouses or lodges. While the comfort level varies, tour packages often include comfortable and clean lodges with basic amenities. In Kathmandu and Pokhara, you'll stay in comfortable hotels.

  • 9. Is travel insurance necessary for the trek?

    Yes, travel insurance with coverage for high-altitude trekking, medical emergencies, and evacuation is mandatory for an Upper Mustang tour. Ensure your insurance covers the specific activities and altitudes of your trek.

  • 10. What is the maximum altitude reached during the trek?

    The maximum altitude reached during an Upper Mustang trek is approximately 4,000 to 4,200 meters (13,123 to 13,780 feet) above sea level, depending on the specific route and side trips.

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